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Building a Customer Experience that Creates Value for Customers… And for Companies.

Today I am honoured to host a guest post by Dr. Graham Hill, Partner, Optima Partners and Associate, DesignThinkers. Take it away Graham! Too many customer experiences (CEx) are created just for the benefit of companies. Customer are either a target or an afterthought. Many customer experience practitioners don’t see the 900lb Gorilla in the [...] Continue reading

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Customer Insights, Collaboration, and Cloud in 2011

It’s that time of the year again, when we look back to the past and try to project what will happen in the future. Although I do not consider myself to be an analyst, I do have some ideas I’d like to share concerning my areas of interest. The year 2010 has seen a rapid [...] Continue reading

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Service Agility thru Adaptive Case Management

Who hasn’t been there? After waiting 20 minutes on hold with Customer Service, then 15 mins for explaining your problem, the Contact Center Agent says she is really sorry, but can’t do anything about resolving  it because something first has to be done by some other department, or it the system won’t let her do [...] Continue reading

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Trending Customer Behaviours

Whilst looking at what SAS is doing in the social with their new social analysis product, I was thinking of what we are actually trying to achieve and what we really want to know. We can do great brand monitoring using products such as Radi… Continue reading

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Customer Experience as a Competitive Differentiator

I’m currently reading through Paul Greenberg’s book CRM at the Speed of Light, 4th edition and I keep running into snippets and soundbites that make me think. Below is one of them that I tweeted out.
“it is the experience that binds the … Continue reading

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