Trending Customer Behaviours

Whilst looking at what SAS is doing in the social with their new social analysis product, I was thinking of what we are actually trying to achieve and what we really want to know. We can do great brand monitoring using products such as Radian 6, Clarabridge, Attensity etc. to see how our brand is appreciated by the outside world and see whether there are any threats to the brand image.

The thought then came to me, rather than trending our brands in #smm, shouldn’t we be trending each of our customers’ behaviour?

What would really be interesting to know is whether the customers that we have – and those that we would like to acquire – change their behaviour or attitudes that may give us a clue as to the way we need to reinforce their behaviour (or the opposite) to lead them to buy again, or to put them in a position where they are willing to advocate our brand. 

So for this reason I think it would make sense to track the evolution of a customer in your CRM to anticipate defection (look for the triggers) and analyse whether there are patterns that can then be extrapolated for predicting the behaviour of other “people like me” realtive to your customer.


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